I snapped this photo of the November 8th, 2022, Lunar Eclipse tonight. I always try to make a point of catching these astronomical events because of how fascinating they can be. Not just to witness but also to learn how superstitious mystics see them as symbols and catalysts of change.  
The recent lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022, was exciting for space enthusiasts and astronomy fans. It was a magical sight, enhanced by the backdrop of a fascinating starry night sky.   A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow passes between the Sun and Moon, causing the Moon’s light to be obscured. This results in a darkening of the sky, as the full moon’s bright light is hidden, leaving only the dim light of the stars visible.  
Also known as the “Blood Moon,” this Lunar Eclipse was a supermoon. This means the earth’s natural satellite was near its closest approach to Earth. Not only did this make the moon appear more prominent than usual, but it also meant the eclipse event lasted longer.
During the event, the moon appeared to be a dark rusty orange color due to light being filtered, refracted, and dispersed through Earth’s atmosphere. This is why the eclipse was dubbed a “Blood Moon” after its reddish glow, which made it even more captivating. 
lunar eclipse
The lunar eclipse of November 8th, 2022, was rare because it coincided with the U.S. midterm elections. This is interesting because, historically, Lunar Eclipses have been very important.   Throughout the centuries, lunar eclipses have been celebrated, recorded, and studied. Ancient cultures often associated them with omens or signs of approaching danger. These events were often seen as bad omens, portending the death of kings or other much-feared happenings. In modern times, lunar eclipses are still interpreted as signs of significant change, but they are now viewed with greater awe and admiration than fear. 
In addition to being seen as important events, lunar eclipses were also used to help predict the future. Ancient astronomers used eclipses to forecast the future. By studying the cycles in which eclipses occurred, these ancient astronomers could use them to predict the rising and setting of planets and the succession of the seasons. 
Lunar eclipses have also significantly impacted humanity’s understanding of the universe. The first lunar eclipse was recorded in 10,000 BCE, and the solar system has grown immensely. Astronomers have been able to gauge the size and distance of the sun and moon by measuring the duration and degree of the eclipse. The science of astronomy has been dramatically advanced thanks to the study of lunar eclipses.
Overall, lunar eclipses have been an essential part of human history. They have served as signifiers of significant change, predicted the future, and helped us gain excellent knowledge about our place in the universe.
It was such a beautiful, calm and peaceful end to a chaotic Eclipse Season for me. So many significant events in my life have happened on or near major Eclipses. I can’t wait to see what new life changes and/or adventures come from this Eclipse Cycle. Already I can feel the energy. A new set, New season, New characters. I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement as this new Chapter begins to unfold.